Water has a message for you today…

Water is life. It is healing, cleansing, and is part of every powerful ceremonial ritual that reflects a blessing, a clearing a cleaning. In her different avatars of waterfalls, ponds, springs, lakes, rivers, rain and sea she fills this earth and our bodies to 70% of our capacity.

The sea is the living force in motion; our life force.

She reflects all our various colours and shades; the inner depths of you and me.

She is immense, cleansing, limitless, she is where the rivers end, and the rain begins. She is our closest expression of the creator and the created. She is multilayered and her depths are beyond imagination. Her incredible transcendental vast beauty hosts numerous expressions of life; the ease, calm and softness and the crazy, insane and dangerous.

She is self sustaining and when you enter into her depths you experience a silence that you never could imagine exists. Life floats, expands and grows and the beauty of the sea never fails to astonish.

She reflects the light and contains the dark. She can gently envelop you in and can angrily spit you back out.

Your experience of it changes every time you visit her. It could be said your experience of is reflected your attitude towards her.

You can fall deeply in love or never go near. Continue reading

Energetic potential of your web.

Did you know that the spiders web adjusts to electrically received stimuli that enhances its ability and potential to attract and capture its prey.

The web of energy that we exude, its structure and expression does the same.

It energetically pulses out information and attracts what it is in resonance with that energetic pulsation.

A spiders web can change its form and pulsation to attract the insects it desires, and so can we.

light spider web

Our energetic web is a magnet to other similar energetic frequencies. The energy you transmit is the energy you attract.

A dense heavy web of energy is going to attract dense heavy energetic experiences.

A light fluid flowing web of energy is going to attract light filled fluid flowing experiences.

You choose the web of energy you create.

What the spider taught me about structure

Structure and Energy, teachings of the amazing Spider

We all exist within structure. Its part of what makes us who we are.

We have physical structure to begin with so we are not actually just floating atoms talking to each other telepathically; but there is form and structure in the world that we exist in.

We see similar structure in less tangible terms too — such as our individual persona which structures our reality; extending out to familial, cultural, religious, corporate, governmental structure.

Structure is a common set of rules that we apply to our lives. Sort of a one size fits all, set of controls, that overlays all that we do, think and feel.

It is rigid and heavy and dense like most of what we see around us. It stands proud and strong and unbending to any off road possibilities that might come its way. Our homes, our bodies our world and everything that we connect with, expresses this denseness at its core. At times the structure might be totally inappropriate to us or the situation but we apply it anyway because structure comes first. Structure has become a system that we are all expected to fit into whether it be how we parent, educate, work, live, love, express, pray.

Structure was the first thing I remember realising I had lost when I started my journey. Circumstances had dissolved it and I felt like I had no structure left –  whether it be  mental structure (right or wrong); emotional structure (which was erratic) or my physical reality which was in upheaval.
So though a part of me was terrified of feeling radar less and de-structured — it was also strangely and wonderfully liberating. I felt free! Completely free of any fixed form of thinking or being.

For a long time post,  I resisted all structure.

I believe in freedom. I believe in thinking free, feeling freely, expressing my truth, experiencing a life free of any filters that might limit my perceptions of it.

I saw structure as the roadblock to freedom. Freedom for me was doing whatever I wanted to – allowing my full potential to emerge and express itself. I chose a new mantra ‘go with the flow’. Move away from knowing and controlling to just flowing through life and wherever the currents would take me. I would put no framework of any kind and just wait to be taken along for the ride. Some days, I found myself going nowhere.

For how can you go anywhere if you disengage and detach from your expression of life? Where will the flow take you without direction and focus? It might never even reach you and so that waiting for the flow could turn out to be like waiting for Godot.

Realising the balance of structure and freedom was a big learning; it is not to choose one or the other but to provide your free heart the right structure to act, feel, think and express through.

Yet what then is right structure? That is what the Spider taught me.
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We the Icebergs


When we see an iceberg – we see this floating piece of ice and believe what we see is all of it. Similarly, we believe we are only that which we can see of ourselves and each other.

We focus on the outer aspects of ourselves – What we do, How we present ourselves, Who we know. It is these aspects that we believe define us, and society at large identifies us based on these aspects.

So we develop our gaze to focus on these outer aspects, and work hard on improving them.  We continually work and aspire towards changing, acquiring, developing things, labels, identification that relate to this outer expression of ourselves.

However;  just like an iceberg we are much much more.

The part of the iceberg we see is just a tip of what is actually a gigantic mass that lies hidden beneath.

Similarly; what we know of others or present of ourselves, is just a drop in the ocean of our hidden being-ness. The inner depths is not seen nor known even; and it is this that we begin to explore when we begin to question ‘Who AM I?’

The journey within; is this exploration of our true entire selves – that which is known and that which is still unknown or hidden. There is so much of ourselves we are yet to discover and know.

In walking this path of inner awareness, understanding and recognition we begin to see the wholeness of ourselves. We come to appreciate that we are way more powerful or bigger than we ever imagined we could be. We realise that we are a huge island of potential on our own. We begin to see that all the floating icebergs around, too have hidden power and potential thus unseen and unknown. We begin to comprehend that we are are all connected and floating through a common ocean of oneness. We then consider that we possibly are just another expression of this ocean of oneness and that eventually we will all merge and melt back into this ocean from where we have come.

This is probably not a new analogy, but it certainly is a highly relevant one. Starting your journey within is a huge task. However, the beauty that you will come to know and the depths of strength, power and potential that lies within you; can only be understood when you begin to see the whole of who you truly are.

So begin the journey and float into the existential reality of yourself….may your ride be easy and smooth and may it reveal to you the full beauty of what lies within.

heart wings