A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and possibly foe to some 🙂 – the many roles we play in life. How do we continue to be all that we are in the earthly realm and yet live from a higher spirit guided focus? That is what this blog is all about. Making philosophy practical. Understanding it’s many nuances and its application in our world today.

Essentially Truth is the same. It can be very simple to understand if we allow it to be. At the same time it has the allowance for complex overtures to its expressions which is what makes it such a mystery, as well. I have always looked for the simple. For in the simple the core message is received. Its applications, expressions are infinite. So for me I allow seek to offer you these complex expressions in very simple terms. Everyday terms – that you and I can understand whoever we are, whatever we are, wherever we are.

We are beings of spirit, of extraordinary spirit, and at the same time we are earthly beings, beings of this planet with all its incredible beauty and diversity for us to play with. We do not have to choose – we have to embrace both these aspects fully and completely and joyously. We must merge our spiritual understanding with our every day roles and life. That is when life becomes an ultimate playground for us all.

We do not have to escape this earthly realm, its duties, responsibilities or challenges – we must be able to play this game with different rules. It is about redefining ourselves so that we might redefine our lives.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will be back.. 🙂

heart wings

let your heart charter your flight…

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