Did curiosity kill the cat?

I grew up hearing this adage all my life – don’t ask too many questions – remember curiosity always killed the cat. i really wonder which smart alec came up with this notion to stop people in their tracks from asking, inquiring and challenging. 
i was reflecting on my journey the other day and i realised that the single most profound quality that has led me on has been my sense of curiosity. Whenever i have approached anything with curiosity it has always been fun and exciting no matter how ridiculous or challenging the proposition might have been.  
the thing is life is meant to be fun. we as mammals thrive through play. that is how we are inherently engineered to be. 
when we task ourselves with ‘something to do’ we immediately invite into our minds the friends of ‘to do’ – some of them are: 

  • who am i to ask this 
  • i am not qualified 
  • its too much – too challenging 
  • what if i fail 

these friends dance around our minds so strongly that we give up and just don’t do. it becomes too serious with a lot to lose. 
however when you say 

  • i wonder if ….. could be true
  • what if i did this – would it work out? 
  • could this really happen – is it possible? 

What happens here is you are not setting yourself up for success; instead you are just inquiring into the possibility of its potential. You are wondering if the event, incident, outcome could happen. Instead of saying “i am going to do this! – i will make this happen! – i have to succeed!” You are playing with “could i do this? – what would happen if i did this? – might i actually succeed?” 
Curiosity gives you permission to actually start doing something – it is a lead – it is a guide – it is an instinct.

Most times we are lead to where we need to be not always where we want to be or even where we might ultimately land up. There are several steps, detours and pathways to traverse before we get to where we are meant to be. Curiosity acts as guiding posts leading you onto different expressions of your journey. Sometimes life’s greatest gifts come through bravely exploring your own curiosity.

i know personally how much of a big deal i make about doing things. Through reflection i found that some of my biggest challenges that i have seen myself through were when i was just plain curious. Most of these times the possibilities I was curious about were insanely big and intimidating. Yet I followed throughonly to find some incredible truths and experiences come to light. 

However when i make it about me – about me being the one to make it happen or do it i can get intimidated and be unable to take the steps needed. 

So now i ask myself rather than tell myself – oooo could this actually be true? could that happen? is it even possible? wow – lets find out…

so in my case i would say Curiosity actually saves the cat🙂 

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