everything today is assigned a gender . the most critical one being that whom we call God. To balance it out we have the Goddess and we spend our lifetime justifying which one is more real, true and relevant.

if we just moved past the form of the masculine and feminine and rethink them we could see that they stand for an expression of creation.

i was curious the other day about the nature of human violence – how long has it really been around? its various expressions. when looking at a historical timeline from about 5000 years ago to today one finds that violence as we know it began to take form around 500 bc.

this is also the time of birthing of several philosophies which today are leading religions. there is a setting up of religious and political orders and the rise of ‘man’. the patriarchal systemisation of a way of life.

prior to this and for centuries before communities and philosophies flourished. there were incredible civilisations that were thriving. Egyptian, Greek, Vedic, Mayan, Native American, Druids, Celtics, Aboriginals; some more earth rooted and others tending to be more mind rooted notably the Greek.

in this early indigenous expressions of philosophy and community there was a strong focus on the interconnection and importance of mother earth/nature. Fear and respect merged together bringing a sense of commune not only within themselves as humans but with the greater force that they could see embodied everything around them – living and non living. Their practises which are brushed off as being pagan and animistic today; which might have seemed wild crude and rough were also representative of the world they existed in. what we do miss out on though is the depth of softness, respect, surrender, integration, oneness they had with this living breathing tangible force of creation around them.
The Greeks felt it too and they called her anima mundi.

as humans began to settle into their environment they felt they had conquered that which had seemed beyond them. instead of recognising a space of growth and evolution into co – creation they began to see themselves as the creator, owners and makers of the world around. they replaced this potent, powerful, pulsating connection with the unseen and unknown, and began to transcribe their own systems of functioning.

power, control and ownership replaced community, engagement, interaction and intuition.

a masculine way of being is one where we assert ourselves as greater than anything else, where we claim we have the power and control to manage the lives of ourselves and others and where we also set up rules, systems and traditions of privilege to claim our power and assertion. (monarchy, caste, priests). we cannot push away the truth of an intangible force of love, power, wisdom but we can own it and encase it into a format which transfers all power to us (religion and we make this force the face of those who wish that control – a male form)

we have come from a feminine consciousness which is what the indigenous tribes and communities thrived within that is what allowed them to coexist and thrive within a world that was harsh, unforgiving, fraught with danger. it is what allowed them to read the stars, commune with the spirits of the plants and develop incredible solutions which today science is proving to be true. their architecture, systems of living and healing are still being followed by many today.

the feminine consciousness is not about man or woman it is about anyone who wishes to live a life that is connected to our force of creation which still exists in everything and everywhere but is so buried under layers of cement that its a task of a lifetime/s to find that connection again.

its only been about 2500 years of masculine consciousness which is just a blip in the timeline of earth and even human existence and boy we can see how much it hasn’t worked for us.

so don’t ‘genderify’ this consciousness of life by giving it a male or female form, for neither is true – this consciousness is a expression , an approach, a perspective of how you connect. you might still call this force God or Goddess it matters not – how do you connect with him or her is what matters. is it purely ritualistic or is it with a sense of communing – of becoming of merging with this incredible force/intelligence that permeates all of us and all around us.

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