Mother Earth: a reflection of our sacred space.

Earth is an incredibly beautiful, almost perfect planet in our solar system. Without doubt, she offers an experience like no other. Is she so by chance or is there another intelligence that makes her so? Holding this mystery that is continually unknown, she urges you to seek further and deeper no matter how far you may have come.

Joseph Campbell said, “Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again”.
According to some belief systems we are born multiple times on earth. If that be so; she seems to be a sacred space that we keep finding ourselves in again and again.

Is she the sacred space outside of us that is reflective of the sacred space within ourselves?

Mother Earth is also Mother Nature.

In seeking the eternal question – Who am I? We seek to understand our immutable infinite timeless self — which we can really only understand by understanding and realising our true nature.

Today, most of us identify natural spaces as landscaped gardens. However, Mother Nature really shows up in her verdant glory only in spaces that are largely untouched by man; which today, are few and far between. If you happen to know some of them you will find her magnificence of natural beauty within the diversity and variety of her creations; forests, seas, corals, mountains, valleys, flora, fauna, sunsets, sunrises… What we as humans seem to have forgotten is that we too are one of her creations.

The true purpose of natures beauty is to:
– create wonder and awe
– inspire a feeling of transcendence
– evoke the realisation that we are part of nature
– realise there is an intelligence which balances this divine perfection called Nature.

The true purpose of life is to find that connection with Source. An undeniable fundamental alignment that you can anchor yourself within and live from.

Mother earth blog pic.jpeg

How do we find this connection? Where do we go?
There are many known sacred spots on Mother Earth. These spaces transmit an energetic vibration that can reconnect us to our fundamental experience of Source.

Most of these known spaces have been built upon by incredible manmade structures, such as temples, churches, gurdwaras, mosques, synagogues and so on. They sit on natural sources of incredible energy. Some of these structures are exquisite, beautiful and ethereal and fill us with power, hope, love and healing.
However, many of them are filled with rituals, rules and guidelines, that shadow the true intent and purpose of prayer.
Rather than display the immense beauty of nature they display the amazing power of human.
We get lost into these rituals outer trappings believing that we are the ultimate creators.
Instead of reconnecting us to source; we begin to disconnect from the transcendental concept of a Source creator, believing instead in a human expression of it.

Interestingly, we too in our temple/body carry energetic spaces that can awaken this connection of Source from within. Rather than develop that connection, we focus on our bodily structure and what we can create with it, working hard on it being beautiful and exquisite to look at, not realising that its true beauty lies within.

We begin to attach to the magnificent creations of our mind and stay at the periphery of truth.

Our true sacred space lies within. It waits for us untouched, pure and natural. Our sacred space cannot be corrupted. We build up structures around it that make us focus and believe in an outer reality forgetting that the true Source/Creator lies within it. We get lost in the rituals and actions of our daily life, forgetting the symbolism of the practise of living. We therefore need to remember that the actions we choose in our life support us in developing that connection to our true nature; to our true Source.

This is not to say that you cannot reach the truth through religious structures or through identifying with your body, of course you can. If you recognise that the truth lies beyond the rituals and actions, and in the symbolism of the practise — you can certainly find your connection to Source.
Too often those on a spiritual path debunk other paths. I do not believe that there is only one path. I believe every path can take you home, whether it be through religion or another way.
Eventually every practise, road, path must take us home to where we truly belong, to an understanding of our true nature; of who we really are and our potential and power here on Earth.

Pure untouched magical divine Mother Nature brings up within us a feeling of awe, magnificence, potency and lifts up our spirits filling us with an energy that is ethereal, powerful and lasting. These magical spaces helps us merge with nature; outer and inner.

Connecting and anchoring to our sacred space within fills us with mystical, magical, incredible, powerful lasting energy. This energy then bursts alive into its own truth which is that of beauty and creativity. Inspiration and transcendental expressions become a part of your expressions of trust, power and sacredness.

You merge with Nature – within and without.

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