Soil is Soul.

Natural gardening proposes soil is king.

Natural living proposes soul is king.

Soil is Soul. Thats how nature speaks to us.

Soil is soul

So what is the magic of good soil? One that grows things easily, with great quality and quantity. Soft, pliable and nutrient rich. That which hosts a number of supportive ‘bugs’ all of whom are working judiciously on supporting that which is growing in its environment.

Today we have two types of soil – interfered soil and non interfered soil. Interfered soil is that in which man has decided he knows best and seeks to create something commercially viable. Of course there are degrees of interference – some farm through organic interference and others through intensive means.

Loosely considered the father of Natural farming: Masanobu Fukuoka was a proponent of ‘do-nothing’ farming. A philosopher and a farmer he was able to maximise productivity through his observation of the perfection of nature.

So natural farming/LIVING involves engagement and assistance over interference. It recognises the need to understand how life works, what it comprises.

In the case of soils, how different ones respond in different ways, each producing its own incredible plethora of flora in turn attracting its special fauna.

Forest soil is the most fertile. Thats mostly because there is very little human interference. It is also because there is a wide variety and multi layered growth. Every part of the forest floor is used. Ground cover, weeds, bushes, plants, creepers, trees, all exist in the forest. Light is harvested to the maximum, it is completely absorbed by whatever can be grown. A dynamic combination of growth coexist, supplement and support each other. Seeds engage with soil and have the opportunity to germinate and grow and bloom and fruit.
This incredible diversity pulls out the maximum from the soil only to give back to it a multiverse of potential and power packed leaves. Through natural processes(composting) they create even more nutrient rich and power packed soil; feeding back to the tree what it needs. This incredible natural cycle supports the existence of not only amazing plant growth but a number of interdependent species as well — each of which come from the soil and end up by giving back to the soil.

Our soul is the same.

It is a multilayered dynamic diverse field of potential. There is not just one expression we hold but many expressions that could blossom through us. We may have incredible ideas(seeds of light) and not all of them will see the light of day — but the ones that do are the ones that meant to anyway. What we grow; will eventually release its learnings(leaves) back to us. Allow it to Compost itself back to you. All our spaces and ideas can co exist and supplement each other.

The soil’s purest reason for existence is to create, nurture, feed, sustain, harvest, replenish, heal, create, nurture…the cycle continues. In the same way our soul is meant to do that too. Your soul is creative force in action.

What we do many times is we identify what the soil/soul should create. Such as engaging in monoculture – which is growing a single crop on its soil. This has shown up to be one of the single largest reason for the nutrient deficiency of our soil. Could it be then that when we blanket ourselves into one job, one function, one space of activity and identify ourselves into a statement of singular expression — we end up with soul deficiency too?

So many of us label ourselves in traditional terms as doctor, engineer, lawyer; in new age terms as healer, oracle, artist. We seek our purpose to be something specific = whereas in doing so we end up limiting ourselves even further; never truly reaching a state of fulfilment or ease.

A life of true alignment is one that encourages your biodiversity; where every part of you is given the potential to be. Less interference from you will allow what is most fertile in us to come into birthing.

There are no rules as such, you don’t have to do multiple things at one time, but at the same time you shouldn’t block yourself into just one.

Allow your soul to experience and express itself in the way it desires to. There will be one main type of expression/tree that will grow best on that soil – so for you that might be being a teacher or a doctor or a lawyer; but remember it is in variety that you will truly grow and bloom and flourish. Bring in that seeker, adventurer, explorer, dreamer, writer that you also are. Let them all come to light.

How much when and where is something you allow yourself to be guided to. Just like that divine intelligence you see in nature, which holds it all together, it will hold you too and guide you and take you further into your journey of expression.

In alignment everything plays itself out harmoniously.

Your life becomes a song.
Your song to the universe.

Every step you take, every moment you breathe you are playing some scale of love back to that which created us all.
Science now shows that connecting with soil can heal depression are antidepressants – well guess what your soul does too 😉

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