Sacrifice, its energy and what is the truth?

run away from the world

Sacrifice yourself. How does this word make you feel?

Surrender yourself. How does this word make you feel?

Sacrifice is a belief we need to give up something outside of ourselves — an outer expression. Every traditional way of life or religion is based on the energy of sacrifice. We don’t even realise how strong this energy is and how it reflects in all aspects of our life. As a parent we sacrifice our happiness and needs for our children. As partners we sacrifice our freedom for the other. As children we sacrifice our truth for our parents.                                  It matters not — somehow or the other there is a belief that we cannot be all that we wish to be as it is virtuous to give up something related to our power, energy, happiness, joy, fulfilment  passions for the power, energy, happiness, joy, fulfilment, passions of another.
Essentially we sacrifice ourselves for another. We do this sometimes within a space of martyrdom or victimhood claiming to feel oddly better than the other, because we have given up more of our selves, and feel superior about it. Our suffering we believe reflects a mark of goodness and virtue.

What is surrender; if it is not sacrifice?

Surrender is what you do within; to your inner expression — your ego.
Surrender brings a feeling of soft flow because it is a gentle letting go. Of your pre conceptions and understandings and beliefs and stories and feelings that keep you trapped in the paradigm of limitation. Believing that you are forced to live a certain way and a certain path. So yes in a way there is a sacrifice of the inner landscape that drives why you make the choices you make and how you life your life. When you surrender your inner space, you begin to find alignment within that guides you to a voice of protection, love, power, beauty and joy and shows you how everything on your outside world is a reflection of your inner space.

We believe in what we see. What if what you saw was a reflection of what you believed? The tough part is we cannot imagine this as we do not even realise how deeply embedded we are in our stories.

They control us and in turn we try and control our world. These create our identity and giving up your identity is a really difficult thing to do. Fears, guilt, anger, separation, lack, grief keep us locked in within our identity. We believe we are right to believe what we believe and so we cling on to our truth as we know it.
What we need to be is brave enough to consider what could lie beyond those stories. What will really happen if we let go? Where will we go? That fear of the unknown is what keeps us trapped in our here and now.

Paradoxically, we fear surrender because of what we may be asked to sacrifice. Our family; loved ones; passions; our ways of having fun? Does it signal the end of a relationship, our partying and having fun? Is it a walking away from a world that we have always loved and known?

Not if you don’t choose to.

When we choose to run away from our lives it is because we are fed up with it’s continuing patterns and pain. We cannot imagine or believe that our current situation might work out — we cannot see a way out since we are buried in so deep. We might be in a space of abuse by another, or drowning in our own lies. Finding a way out seems so impossible,  we run away.

These stories, people, situations, cities, countries are really pointing an arrow into some corner of yourself that needs to be looked at and healed.

There is no one way of handling that. When you realise that you have a situation beyond your control, you could very well choose to run away. It might in fact be the right thing to do.

Yet, when you do run away , carry along the knowing that the arrow that was pointing to the shadow corners inside of you must be looked at understood, absorbed, exposed, and healed.

If  the shadow corners stay hidden and unhealed they will churn away within, creating a new reality of similar consequences no matter where you go.
For you can run away from an outer world but the part that lies within; creating and manifesting your reality; it runs away with you wherever you go.

Sometimes, when we pray we make deals. You do ‘x’ I will give up ‘y’. We believe that’s how it plays out. It could be small things or big things the point is we believe in the energy of sacrifice.

So since we are expected to give things up, we in turn hold the same expectation from loved ones. We believe love to be an expression of sacrifice. The pain we place on our loved ones in the name of love is possibly one of the greatest sins.

Instead of sacrificing your outer world or something you love as an exchange for happiness; Surrender your inner spaces; the ones the arrows point to, and heal, transmute and transform. Your outer world has the undeniable ability to transform transmute and change to suit your inner reflections and shifts.

Sometimes people connected to our situations may choose to hold on to their own misery and stories and untruths — and in doing so they might not transmute; so you will find a gentle easing away of those people from your life. However as you have healed you will have understood that it is really their choice too. You will be empowered to allow them to walk their path of truth.

So hold not the energy of sacrifice. Ask not yourself what do I need to walk away from or offer up to the gods. What the Light/Source seeks from you is for your inner truth to emerge.

Truth unites. Truth heals.

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