Water has a message for you today…

Water is life. It is healing, cleansing, and is part of every powerful ceremonial ritual that reflects a blessing, a clearing a cleaning. In her different avatars of waterfalls, ponds, springs, lakes, rivers, rain and sea she fills this earth and our bodies to 70% of our capacity.

The sea is the living force in motion; our life force.

She reflects all our various colours and shades; the inner depths of you and me.

She is immense, cleansing, limitless, she is where the rivers end, and the rain begins. She is our closest expression of the creator and the created. She is multilayered and her depths are beyond imagination. Her incredible transcendental vast beauty hosts numerous expressions of life; the ease, calm and softness and the crazy, insane and dangerous.

She is self sustaining and when you enter into her depths you experience a silence that you never could imagine exists. Life floats, expands and grows and the beauty of the sea never fails to astonish.

She reflects the light and contains the dark. She can gently envelop you in and can angrily spit you back out.

Your experience of it changes every time you visit her. It could be said your experience of is reflected your attitude towards her.

You can fall deeply in love or never go near.

Most of us feel the safest on the shoreline. The ground is strong and even and we feel in charge. We feel like we can ‘handle’ the sea.

Yet as it happens the waves are the craziest at the edge of the shore. So while we still think we are grounded, for those that have experienced the sea, know it is the one place that can bring you down to earth really fast. It can crash you, hit you around, swallow you in, leaving you spluttering and gasping for breath. It quickly teaches you who the real master is.
Sometimes it looks deceptively calm and just when you turn your back to it — it comes behind you and pushes you back down.

Some of us after a bad day vow never to go back and engage with the sea again. Its just so turbulent and difficult to manage and face and we feel a loss of control which imbalances us and throws us apart.

It is on the edge that you face the most turbulence. So we withstand this crashing and hitting and bumping and falling because we still feel our feet on the ground and so believe we won’t get swept away.

Yet if we did take that chance, and entered the sea what would happen? We would find that just before the crashing of the waves comes this incredible beautiful moment called the swell. Its a gentle rise in the sea before it gets ready to crash down on the shore. Here you just begin to rise and ebb with the flow. Once you let go of your fear the sea embraces you and holds you close and takes you with her every rise and fall. Gently she lifts you high and brings you back to ground. Sometimes its so high, you feel like its not going to work out – but here in the swell, you will always be gently brought back down. Its an incredible feeling – because as you get lifted you feel this incredible rise within yourself and the coming down brings with it its own thrill. Its a beautiful space to play – you can just rise and fall all day.

Here one can stay a really long time, and you can come back anytime to the shoreline.

After a while, though it can get a bit boring, and now you are getting braver and so you can venture out further into the sea. Once you do that you find you are into her deeper depths – and you can swim as far as you like. Here is where it depends on how far you can go – some swim out so deep they cannot see the shore anymore. Others stay around in a safe zone. Either way a sense of depth, the grandeur, the limitlessness, the expanse, the wonder of the sea can never fail to impress. Here the sea is at her calmest best. You can almost not recognise her anymore – where is that angry crashing – that constant movement and swell? Here you are just floating in calmness and bliss. There is a calm rhythm and the ease of navigation. On the face of it is is like a silken carpet.

Here is when you begin to recognise another force that is totally hidden from the eyes. It is the undercurrent that defines the sea and puts her visual calmness into a different light. In those waters when we swim, we think we are going to determine our path – but then we realise how much we are mistaken. Here is the true meeting of the life force of the sea. This is what makes her and who she really is. A invisible but strong deep force that pulls you and pushes you where she is determined to go. Can you fight her. I can’t really say – but if you have the skills you might certainly be able to co-create your way.

This is what life is like.

Living on the edge though it might seem like you are in control, you are also opening yourself to a lot of crashing and burn. This is space of emotional reaction to events and experiences and people that come your way and imbalance you and hurt you and push you over. It is something like having the carpet or the ground swept out from under your feet. Where without knowing you have fallen and hit yourself hard. You feel like life just throws things your way and you just gather yourself after each fall, determined next time to get it right and not allow it to drop you down. You begin to control life a lot more and are constantly on the look out for the next wave to come crashing down. The problem is sometimes we are so busy looking for the next wave, we simply forget to have a good time in our today. Sometimes, when we do think the sea has calmed down; we let down our guard – another big wave comes crashing in and this time we fall like a unsightly chicken. Interestingly while life is telling us to let go what we are learning instead is that life is unstable and unproductive and can’t be trusted so the we resort to control and this time we just don’t take our eye off the ball. We begin to believe the harder that we can hold on, the safer it’s going to be.

Instead, The trick is to let go and trust just a little bit, even if you don’t want to go deep within, move past the shore line into the swell. Allow yourself to be guided through the rise and the ebb of your life. When things are great you will be taken to great heights, and when the fall is to come allow it be gentle and land you down with grace. This is the first step to trust and ease. You begin to understand there is a rhythm to your life, patterns that come and go, things that you have to gather and rise with and then times when you just have to let go. As you begin to spend more time in the swell of life, you begin to enjoy it more and realise that eventually you are taken care of and things will essentially be fine. You begin to play here and laugh at life once in a while. You get a bit more adventurous and try out new things. Most importantly you begin to understand life and how she works and a knowing of being held in her comfort.

The one who thrives in the sea has learnt that control is the last thing that is going to help you. You have to let go and trust and flow. Depending on who you are you could just decide to dive in and go deep sea diving to get over your fears, some others might prefer to take slower more concrete steps; others a combination of both.

An expert is one who takes time to understand the sea – this immense depth of oneness that exists in you and me. Learning the basic skills of learning how to swim (Swimming can help you) is important. Once you have the skills, and know the tools there are many other things you must gather into your bounty of wisdom. You must learn to work with the sea/inner depth of you and me. Most importantly is your ability to trust, have faith, great skill, instincts, listen to your intuition and allow her to guide you on.

Even the greatest swimmer or surfer will tell you that no matter how skilled you are — there is always that x factor which you can never be prepared for. That big wave, undercurrent something that you haven’t experienced before might still come your way. In times like that is it is trust, faith, intuition and instinct that will guide you on what to do and similarly this applies in all of life too.

Life is so vast and difficult to contain – every persons experience cannot be the same. So while on the face of it the ocean of life looks the same; your approach, experience and learning is so uniquely yours that you cannot even think of comparing it with another.

For those that would consider to seek the inner depths of the sea – it is without doubt that you will be left with a mark of ease and a sense of living free.

Don’t fight, don’t fret, just float.

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