Swinging into Balance

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Hold a pendulum in one hand, high up and tightly to any side — then let go — see its swing.

It will swing to the other end; higher possibly than the end you held it at — and then it swings back and then goes back again — and you see this furious swing till eventually it settles down and stops mid point — the point of balance.

Similarly, if you have held yourself tightly in emotional and mental structure; tightly wound up either about your beliefs or your feelings; when you let go — you are going to swing — to the other end and other extreme.

This is a very important aspect to know when you begin self work.

Lets take an example: lets say you have an issue with control.You are a control freak — the day you let go — you will crave and seek freedom — and possibly run away from all structure.

The higher and tighter the pendulum is held on one end; the more dramatic its swing to the other end.

So in your shifts and in letting go you might swing to the extreme of where you were.

It is important to remember this is just a swing. A natural occurrence of being tightly wound up on the other end.

What many of us do is when we reach the other end — we think ahh! We have changed and so we hold onto the other end believing that to be the better end.

So in this case we might say control is one end and the other end is freedom.

Grass is always greener on the other side. Well, not necessarily so.

The key here is that we were meant to shift out of the resonance of ‘control’. Now having moved to another end of the spectrum unfortunately you are still in the spectrum just another end of it. The spectrum of control is still our resonance even though it might be expressed in a manner we feel is better suited to us.

So even if we are structureless – we are still exhibiting an alternate expression of control. It is in experiencing the state of balance that we are able to neither be only controlling or only structureless. It is about embracing both aspects – knowing each has its own value and in merging the two; in bringing them together, you experience the beautiful alchemy of the two ends of the spectrum providing you its highest expression.

When you let go of both ends you begin to settle into your own balance and ease.

Now comes the disclaimer : 🙂

Every you is different. There is no standard get to place at all. I want to show you how it can be different and while the overall learning of change is common to all — the degrees will depend on your individual structure and growth process.

So lets take another example and go further:

You have always been critical — deeply critical; so critical in fact nothing could make you happy, self or other, no matter how good or how much the effort you just cannot seem to be happy. Your standards are almost impossible to live up to.

Now you over the years you have turned into a very controlling person — perfectionist — irritable — judgemental — critical. It could be this has been your way of life for a long time.
It is now a quality or rather an emotional lock, that’s deeply embedded into your soul. It is who you are as far as you know; yet we know that this is not your absolute truth.

You have experiences, reasons, stories that support your belief in why your behaviour or personality is the way it is. There are definite reasons for it.

Now on a higher energetic level you have decided to shift this emotional lock. For someone who is so strongly connected to an emotional resonance; this is easier said than done.
So life takes over. It will send events, people, experiences your way which will give you the opportunity to make these shifts.

For many of you reading this article I would say your path is one which most likely would encourage you to grow beyond both ends of the shift. It is being neither totally controlling or totally irresponsible. It is about finding that space where you understand responsibility and yet express your truth freely.

For some though, depending on the degree or extremity of your mental and emotional structure; all that might be required is just the little step — just stepping out of your comfort zone to the smallest degree possible. Even one step might be a climbing a mountain for you.

Don’t compare or wonder why it might be so difficult for you to even take that one step. It just is. Whatever! How does it matter?

Fact is, you have the opportunity to take that one step. That one step might change your life. Only you will know how it plays out for you.

Whether you seek that point of balance or just a shift out of an emotional lock that has kept you tied in for very long, is a very individual process. That is something your life will take you through and teach you.

Another small insight – is the swing a pendulum shift – or a swing in the park?

It really depends on who you are.

If you are an easy breezy person — your journey will be so; if you are someone who enjoys depth and detail then your journey will have you explore that.

Eventually know that your journey must resonate with your essence so as painful as it might be to deal and transform through these tough issues — on the whole it will be enjoyable because it is your journey.
If it isn’t — then consider why not? Are you connecting with someone else’s truth or your own?

So kick off your heels and dive in, and play!

heart wings

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