There is no one way

Whether you are at the start, middle or deep into your journey…

Breathe in.
You are where you are meant to be. Whoever, whatever, wherever you are in life; it is exactly as it is meant to be. You are perfect — all is perfect. All is well.
Breathe out.

There is nothing you need to be, do or have; to get started or continue on this journey.

There are millions of people, books and stories out there that will tell you how you should start your journey, who you should be on your journey, or the parameters that gauge your growth on this journey.

I interject here to say you are essentially, ultimately a unique, free, independent, sovereign, powerful, beautiful expression of a constantly expanding source energy. You are here to live your life your way and express truth in your special unique way.

Being inspired, guided, supported, loved by others and learning from them is part of this incredible journey.

There are many reasons we give up this pure essential expression of our being to serve another limited need, such as seeking validation/approval.
This takes us away from our truth of who we really are and captures us in an expression of powerlessness.  We might feel validated by the outer world; however it could come at a cost of our own freedom and empowerment (inner power).

When I started, the options were limited compared to today, and those were enough to confuse me. I remember hearing about so many treatments and modalities which were presented like they were the ultimate answer and if I did not do it (even if I didn’t feel it), I would definitely miss out.

Today, it is a lot more intense. There has come about a labelling to spirituality; some of it has happened organically and some are a result of good marketing. Spirituality has also become a business to many. It’s not wrong or right, it just is — so be in awareness of it.
There is a lot of focus on how you dress, eat, behave, act, every choice you make is questioned and your state of growth measured based on a highly intricate list of outer expressions.

Essentially your vibration and energy is attributed and funnily enough judged by how you look and what you do. I do understand that there is a tie into your actions and your consciousness. I just look at it slightly differently. Rather than your energy being attributed to your actions — your actions should be related to the Energy you hold and transmit.

Energy takes precedence not your actions.

No matter where you go or how far you run or where you hide — you take yourself along wherever you go. This YOU is what is creating what you know, see, feel experience encounter — no matter where you go or how beautiful the place — if there is any blockage within you it will reflect in your world. Till you do not change — nothing will truly change.

You just have to shift, change, alter your perceptions your thoughts your feelings your energy — that which is emitted and unknown and unseen but tags along everywhere you go.

You can do anything you wish to do, you could be anyone you wish to be. If your vibration/energy and toning is right then it just doesn’t matter. You cannot hide your energy — you cannot disguise it with outer distractions.

The behaviours and actions you engage in do change with the change in frequency and vibration that you emit — but they are a ‘natural’ consequence of it and cannot be forced.

During the early years of my journey I did not change my outer expressions at all. I guess there wasn’t awareness of it — and it wasn’t as big a deal as it is today; and I still healed and grew in my awareness and light.

The point is that your inner work — your inner healing that is related to your emotional, mental and physical space should be the core focus.

You don’t have to change your world to become spiritual, you don’t have to let go of anything on the outside to grow in spirit.

Of course you could; you absolutely could – very much so. You might find your path is one which begins with outer change and then reflects into inner change.
For some, it does mean changing habits (food, lifestyle); for others it might not. For some you might have to let go of certain people, situations, places as part of  your journey — for others you might never have to do that and still experience a complete transformation of your reality.

There is no one way. There are no common HAVE TO’s for anyone.

Also there is no comparison.

Allow your journey to unfold without feeling you need to adopt anyone else’s truth or experiences as your own. Discover what is your path and what works for you and allow that through. You will have your own baggage don’t take on anyone else’s — you don’t have to.

You are that zebra, the snowflake, that thumbprint which while looks exactly the same as others, is completely its own unique expression. So your destination in a sense is the same as others — you are growing to the same energy of freedom and empowerment. Yet your unique path will be one you will need to uncover and explore as you go along. It is your journey that actually helps you understand yourself better.

What will your choices be? What are your resistances? What is your story? What makes you and how do you shift? Which tools speak to you and which ones will help you shift? How do you express yourself? How do you begin to receive your guidance? Which of your senses speak strongest to you? You will make mistakes and take some wrong turns (which in the absolute picture are still right turns) and even those will teach you something about yourself.

Be brave, gentle, kind, patient and above all honest, true, authentic in your choices and follow your journey to your heart.

All is well. All will be better.

4 thoughts on “There is no one way

  1. Wow!!! Love your blogs. So clear and really truly make the journey easy to understand and exciting to go on. Thanks. Love your thoughts!!!


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