Purpose of Life

This is a big one. The primary reason many start on their spiritual journey. Looking for their purpose in life. What is that one thing that is going to fulfill us so intensely and so deeply that we have no other desires or no more searching or no where else to reach or go – when we know we have arrived and are at peace – on the inside and outside.

We believe this purpose to be a gift, something we have been bestowed with, the one thing that only we have. We strive so hard looking for it – I know for years I wondered what I would bring forth? A healing modality? Maybe some teachings/techniques that would burst through from the depth of my being? Something the world was waiting for me to share? Would it be that I would fill a spot or space reserved for me somewhere in this world and when I found it; it would fit like the missing piece in the puzzle and my world would carry on easily and smoothly?

It took me by surprise when I realised that our purpose in life is the same for all. Ahh! Not what you want to hear is it? We immediately react…my purpose must be unique and solely mine – it cannot be one for all. That is fundamentally wrong.

Well it isn’t.

Everyone’s purpose in life is to evolve, to grow into a lighter version of ourselves. By lighter I mean yes more “light based” and “lightening the load”. Letting go of all the baggage that we hold on to that just makes our life and journey heavier and harder than it is meant to be.

So we need to recognise that our purpose in this life is to acknowledge our unique set of baggage – a wonderfully crafted list of beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings, expressions, emotions – so beautifully crafted across unlimited time. In acknowledging and seeing the baggage for what it is – whatever it may be and then accepting it to be what it is.

These are the critical first steps that we must take. Once we take stock then the process begins. That is life. A series of events that first brings to life all that we must left go of. Once we acknowledge and accept, it becomes a series of events that pushes, prods, pokes you; till you are able to let go of all those beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings, expressions, emotions that are in the way of you living an authentic true free sovereign life.

It may sound simple yet it is the toughest journey in the world. Life isn’t hard on the outside – it isn’t meant to be hard work where we fight and push and strive in our everyday world. It is meant to be a flowing beatific experience. The hard work is the work we need to do within, on ourselves – within ourselves. Once you begin to master that class and teaching, the rest of life begins to become joyous and easy.

You purpose in life is the same as mine. To be living an easy life. How we choose to experience and express that ease is really completely up to us. That is not defined. You could be anything you choose or anything that serves you and fills you with passion. That is not the part we need to find. We need to figure out how to life life easily, smoothly, joyously, actively and passionately; whichever way we choose to express it.

“Yesterday i was clever, so i wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so i am changing myself.”



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