the heaviness of light

today is one of those days – when i woke up in a daze – a feeling of having not slept enough – and i had to rush – rush to make it in time for my sons assembly performance – my sons woke up in a daze too – whiny and needy and i had no time to attend to these needs they had – i had to make it to school – rush get ready – make sure they ate and the entire way it was run run run – my younger son came upto me to say lets play and i said no no no – finish your food – we need to run can’t be late – and the energy that the day started with was discordant – and i didn’t  have or take the time out to set it right either.

and that happens…

it happens all the time – and it can get doubly frustrating because you can see whats happening – you can see that this is what is going to change the course or affect the course of the day. its going to make the day heavy. A day when everything is a task and a chore and just getting through the day is a challenge.

There is a knowing that a light filled day is different – it is one of ease and calm and flow – and the day just rolls on so smoothly and beautifully. This knowing makes it even more difficult. It makes the heavy days heavier because instead of just accepting them to be another day – you know better.

both are going to happen. So do we just accept and move on and hope for more light filled days and pray the heavy days away? Is there a way to change the flow?

Lets take today –  there was an energetic discord to the day – and it could come from a number of reasons – physical, emotional and mental – and whatever the trigger – eventually they all spiral into each other and the mood for the day is set.

If you are in awareness of it then you can consciously at some point shift or bring in another action, thought, feeling that might shift the energy you hold and then that too will spiral outwards into all the other spaces you occupy.

Writing does that for me. It clears my mind, my heart and in turn my energy. For others it might be art, singing, meditation, cooking, praying, making lists, exercising, dancing, playing…

Find your switch. That one thing that fixes you, calms you, and can shift your energy from discord to ease. Even if you have spent half the day or 3/4 of the day in discord – whenever you can, bring in your switch – turn it on and then experience how energy can shift and what it can do to you and everything you experience post. As you do it more and more you will get better at it, and then soon, you might be able to turn on that switch at the time you wake up and feel the discord; or much earlier into your day than you could ever do before.

heart wings

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