Energy – Innergy

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A play with words. Is that what life is about?

How you read life – what it means to you – what perspective do you bring to it?

Is it these perspectives – that cause us ‘Ease or Dis-ease’? ‘Distress or Destress’

What is life like when viewed from an inner landscape?

An inner expression which when allowed to peek its head out of its cowered/covered space turns on a light so bright it lights up your world.

Is this even possible? Can we truly say that our lives can be changed through play of what we think, see, believe, speak? How does it change? What makes this change happen? Can this be applied to all aspects of life or does it only work in limited spaces?

Is there someway to understand this and apply it in our everyday lives. How does philosophy become practical?

These are some of the intentions I have for this blog. To offer an inner viewpoint to life in all its various everyday forms. Having a conceptual understanding is one thing, being able to apply it to your work, home, relationships, health, wealth, among others; is when that becomes valuable…

On this blog I shall do just that – share my own experiences, and understandings of a life that has been viewed through an inner lens for the past 12 odd years and how it has helped me navigate through some of life’s toughest lessons.

I hope you join me on my journey of sharing, and may it bring greater clarity, confidence, calmness, beauty, balance, and most importantly ease into your every day.

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